philosophyWe choose our fabrics for performance as well as environmental and social concerns. Each of the fabrics has been carefully chosen after looking at many many different samples. However, we realise that there isn’t really such a thing as a ‘perfect’ fabric, so we’ve chosen the best we can find – and keep looking for something better.

We spent over a year looking for the best fabrics for our line. We finally decided to go with recycled polyester for all our active wear because it outperformed all the other ‘green’ options.

Our recycled polyester fabrics come from Taiwan, where the small size of the island and limited landfill sites have encouraged a flourishing recycling industry. The recycled poly we use is 100% post-consumer waste – so it really could have been that soft drinks bottle or food container you threw away. However, even though it is ‘waste’ there’s no compromise on quality. Our fabrics are designed to perform.