green electricity from good energy

We decided to use Good Energy to provide the electricity for our office.  We looked at all the tariffs available but were a little disillusioned by those being sold by the large conventional energy companies.  Some of the time, they end up supplying you renewable energy which they are legally obliged to buy under the government’s renewable energy framework.  That means, despite the marketing packages, you are not helping increase the amount of renewables out there, you are just making it easier for the energy companies to meet their obligations.     

You have to consider what is important to you. Ecotricity invest more per customer in building new renewables, but Good Energy buy 100% renewables.

We decided we want renewable energy right now. If more people switch to renewables now, then it makes it harder for the large energy companies to fulfill their obligations, pushing them to put more into building renewables and meeting customer demand.   We need the big companies to invest if large scale renewables are going to happen.

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