I’ve just spent the last few days working out how to use Wildfire to run a competition for free Ski Show tickets online. It should be super simple, but as with everything, it just takes a bit more attention to detail than you hoped for. Anyway, finally managed to get it working the way I wanted it. ¬†Hopefully someone will let me know whether it looks good or not.

Anyway, please please please go and check out the competition. The first prize is tickets to the Metro Ski & Snowboard Show at London Olympia on 21-25 October. It’s a huge show and a great way to kick off the winter season. We’re having a stand right next to the 50ft kicker. With some luck, people might pay attention to what we’re doing and not some boarder doing an aerial 360. We’ll also give the winner a Winter Health Pack from our friends at Trust William. We’re working with them to produce a special pack for getting us athletes (or would-be ones…) through the cold season. ¬†We’re also offering a second prize of an organic cotton t-shirt.

Enter the competition here: http://www.yewclothing.com/skishow