why Yew?We started Yew because we just wanted more out of the clothing we wear.

We wanted it to be a company that reflected who we were – our values, aspirations and views.  In particular, we wanted to make ethically sourced clothing made from environmentally friendly materials.  We realised that this wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but it would be a company that we could be proud of.  Of course, we expected to make compromises along the way – and we have.  But we have a rule that we have to stand by each of the decisions we make. We have to be honest to ourselves, and honest to Yew.

Yew aims to make well-designed clothes from the best sustainable materials.

We know that people demand high performance, so we work hard to make sure that they don’t have to sacrifice that in order to buy something that’s friendly to the environment.

We make every effort to avoid ‘the ethical stance’.  We know there is no such thing as a universally ‘green’ material, and don’t want to try to convince you that there is.  We will always be honest about the way we do things, and know there is always room to improve.  All our materials have been selected on the belief that they are ‘greener’, less damaging alternatives that still meet the demands of modern life.