the everywear top

100% consumer recycled polyester


Our active Everywear tops are made from our special lightweight recycled fabric. This specially chosen fabric is made to be light, fast drying and wicking, so you can use it for even the most demanding activities. The Everywear tops can be used on their own or as baselayers, whether you're running, climbing, skiing or doing yoga.

Taiwan has been serious about recycling plastic bottles since the early 1990s – way in advance of the rest of us. In fact, they have a mandatory recycling system for household waste.

Why are they so strict about it? Well as an island nation that has ‘cool’ relations with neighbouring China (where much of the developed world sends its rubbish), maybe they just don’t want to see their island become one massive landfill.


Our tops are made in a factory in Istanbul. It’s a modern building with good facilities for the staff.
This is Kresse learning about sewing machines from the factory owner:

If you would like to know exactly where the factory is, click here.


We’re into our sports, so we spent a lot of time trying to make a top that would work for all sorts of different activities. That was important to us, because we just don’t get why companies want to sell us a climbing top that’s different from a running top or a hiking top – or a base layer when it’s cold. We mostly try to use the same top for lots of different things, so we tried to make it as suitable for running a marathon as it is for sitting round a factory in Istanbul.

Reflective Print
Flat Seams
Lightweight material
No seam on the shoulder


We’ve tried quite hard for our first range, but some things were a little out of our reach this time. We know what they are, so we’re working to improve them next time.

Sewing thread – we were not able to find a decent alternative to the polyester thread that our factory uses.

Print – our reflective print is made from a water-based latex ink. It’s what we’d call ‘ok’, but we’d definitely like to find something better for the environment.

Labels – our care labels are standard polyester at the moment.