tuesday 19 may



Yew website goes live!

It’s taken ages, but our website’s finally live! Please take a moment to have a look around it. We think it’s pretty cool (but then we’re completely biased) – let us know what you think on our blog or by email.

The website has info on our new clothes, as well as the fabrics and stories behind them. We’ve also put a few goodies on the site (check out the wallpaper downloads – we really did those ourselves… with some help from our fab photographer). We’ve also got a YewTunes page where we share some of our favourite tracks (nope, not the mountain biking variety).

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Our First Season

Our Local Warming Jackets are now available from our website shop. If you order now, these will be sent out from 26th May. We’re expecting our performance active tops to arrive at the end of June, but these will be available for pre-orders soon, so watch this space!

The Local Warming Jackets are all purpose breathable tops that are smooth on the outside and fleecy on the inside. It’s made from breathable material so you can use it for extra warmth while you’re active, or to throw on afterwards.

We turned the plastic bottles on the left into the jacket on the right.

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Special Introductory Offer

To celebrate our website launch we’re offering a special 20% discount AND free delivery for orders before 26 June. All you need to do is enter the code INTRO20 at checkout on orders over £12.

We’re aiming to start sending out orders on 26th May. We’ll also be putting up details on our Everywear active tops and offering the same special discount for pre-orders on those (those are expected beginning of July).  The code above will work for the whole cart.