We’ve just finished the London Marathon Expo where we got to speak to loads of runners from different backgrounds. We met one of the only people to have done every London Marathon since it was founded in 1981. He told me there are 25 of them left and one of them is still under 50 – and still under 2 hours. Pretty amazing stuff.

We also got to meet Tristan Miller, who’s running 52 Marathons in 52 weeks all over the world. He’s doing it to raise money for UNICEF – which Jun worked at for a year, so he has a soft spot for them. You can check out his website at RunLikeCrazy.com. ¬†We gave him some free clothes to help him on his epic journey (see below…Tristan’s on the right, and you can see the reflective print on our everywear tops working well too!).

Jun and Tristan at London Marathon Expo