42 Floors of running can have a strange effect on you. For me, it involved crawling around on all fours, unable to talk.  Whilst on the floor (of the top floor in Tower42), the one thing I noticed was the building going up next door that was even taller than Tower42 – which I’d just raced up. My thought was – I wonder if they’re going to move the race over there when it’s done.

Well, we made it up: Dominic got up in 6.48 and I was 11 seconds behind him at 6.59. In the process we raised over £500 for Shelter, received bruises from elbows in the stairwell, got sore legs and won ourselves the best view in the city.

After bumping into Dom’s friend (and stand-up comic), David Whitney, we all retired for a celebratory drink at their friend’s wine bar – Planet of the Grapes.  I can highly recommend both.

Here are some photos