Sustrans, the cycling charity, is promoting their Change Your World campaign between 29 June to 4 July.  During that period, they’re asking people to sway 1 car journey for walking, cycling,  taking public transport or even car-sharing.  It doesn’t sound like much for many people, but for many people this would be a massive change.  I guess the idea is to see if you can do it once – because then you can do it again and again.

Today (June 10), sees London in the middle of a Tube strike. Whatever way you look at it, that’s going to cause chaos. Some 3 million tube journeys are taken every weekday in London.  Now, stack that up against the 11 million journeys taken by car or motorcycle.  It’s pretty likely that the Tube strike will lead to a few more people driving today.  However, it’ll also lead more people to walk and cycle, and hopefully realise it’s not so bad.  And if you can swap one journey, you can certainly swap a few more.